One of our parishioners writes:

Kevin Power and Eddie Meek

It was with great sadness that we have learned in the last month or so of the deaths of two life long parishioners, Kevin and Eddie.  Both, in their own way, and with quietness, served the parish of St Dyfrig’s.   Kevin used his keyboards skills to accompany the choir on the organ at the Sunday morning mass until he retired due to ill health and Eddie used his talent in the creation of artwork, alongside Penanne Crabbe RIP.

If you look on the parish website under ‘Register and Archives’, then ‘The Artwork of Penanne Crabbe’ you will read an account by Eddie of this tremendous enterprise: together Eddie and Penanne worked on the grand crucifix, a smaller crucifix in the presbytery, a cross in the side chapel, the icons of Mary and Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, the crosses on the pillars, the Stations of the Cross and the Alpha and Omega symbols.
All three contributed what they could in time and talents with humility and we feel the loss of such good and faithful servants.
May they rest in peace.