Our Archbishop, Mark O’Toole, has joined with the Anglican Archbishop of Wales, Andrew John, to offer an invitation to church this Christmas, saying despite “difficulty and despair”, this year, “there have been flickers of light in the darkness”.

The two Archbishops offer examples such as, “The kindness of a neighbour continuing friendships that grew out of the pandemic… Millions of people honouring the memory of a self-less and dedicated Queen. Schools, churches and other community organisations welcoming refugees with open arms into their places of sanctuary.”

The two Archbishops, both of whom are relatively new in their role, have struck up a good working relationship over the past year. They wanted to encourage the people of Wales, saying even though “we have met many challenges” over the year, “a warm welcome – Croeso – awaits you” at churches across the country.

Their message starts with a heart-warming tale of the writing of the well-known carol Silent Night encouraging people to remember that sometimes events which begin “tumultuously” or “in fear” can end “with a melody of peace”.

Their statement ends: “The true message of Christmas can sometimes be forgotten in the lead up to the 25th December with the busyness of preparations, cooking, shopping and wrapping presents. Why not come to Church this Christmas to place the Prince of Peace at the centre once more?”

You can read the full message in Welsh (Cymraeg) here and in English by scrolling down here.