With the General Election just around the corner, we have the opportunity to ensure that our future MPs know that, as constituents, we are deeply concerned about the lives of unborn babies and their mothers. And if constituents are concerned about the lives of unborn babies and their mothers, our representatives in Parliament need to be too.
So, to make sure our MP candidates know how important this is to us, Right To Life UK has launched the Vote For Both Lives campaign, a large-scale initiative encouraging candidates to sign the pro-life Both Lives Pledge.
The Both Lives Pledge outlines three policy changes that are designed to increase protection for babies in the womb and end pregnancy discrimination for women – policies that will save lives by protecting and supporting both mother and child.
The over 275 candidates who have signed the Both Lives Pledge so far have committed to stopping discrimination against baby girls by supporting a law change to clarify that sex-selective abortion is illegal; bringing UK law closer to the laws in the majority of EU countries by voting to lower the gestational time limit for abortion; and supporting women in the workplace by backing policies designed to stop pregnancy and maternity discrimination.
Independent polling by ComRes shows that all three policy changes are strongly supported by the public.
89% of the general population and 91% of women agree that gender-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law. 70% of women in the UK want to see the time limit for abortion reduced to 20 weeks or below. 79% of the general population and 84% of women agree that women who want to continue with their pregnancies, but are under financial pressure to have an abortion, should be given more support.
Ending pregnancy and maternity discrimination would help provide many women across the country with the financial support they need to care for their children and themselves.
An analysis by the Right To Life UK Public Affairs team of the voting records of the 132 MPs that have decided not to stand again for election shows that 92 (70%) had a predominantly pro-abortion voting record during their time in parliament. Only 23 (17%) of those MPs standing down have a predominantly pro-life voting record.
After failing to make extreme changes to abortion legislation during the last Parliament, the abortion lobby has made it clear that they will be back to attempt to introduce extreme abortion legislation during the next Parliament, so it’s more important than ever that our representatives in Parliament know that people around the country care about these issues.

Please visit www.righttolife.org.uk/bothlives where it takes just 30 seconds to ask your MP candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge.