On-Line Courses

The Sacrament of Confession: Biblical Discovery of God's MercyFriday March 10th, 7.30pm-9pmWhat is the Sacrament of Reconciliation? What does the Bible tell

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Pray with Pope Francis for Parishes!

The Pope’s Prayer intentions – February 2023 “We pray that parishes, placing communion at the centre, may increasingly become communities of faith,

Pray with Pope Francis for Parishes!2023-01-31T16:37:01+00:00

Marriage Support & Marriage Enrichment

Programs may differ in format and scope, however they all strive to strengthen relationships, build interpersonal skills, and prevent marital distress.  Marriage

Marriage Support & Marriage Enrichment2023-01-19T03:25:32+00:00

Marriage Preparation

If you are planning to get married in the Catholic Church, please contact the priest in the parish where you live as

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A Beautiful Thing (Podcast)

A new Catholic weekly podcast A beautiful thing launches on the 4th Jan 2023. It is taken from the line that Jesus

A Beautiful Thing (Podcast)2022-12-28T14:10:01+00:00

Grandparents: Are you missing out?

The Catholic Grandparents' Association emails a regular newsletter. In the winter edition just released, you could read about: Author Peggy Stanton to

Grandparents: Are you missing out?2022-11-24T22:51:31+00:00
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