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Pastor Gareth Leyshon

I love Jesus, Jaffa Cakes and science – in that order. I fell in love with science when I discovered an astronomy book, aged 7. But I discovered Jesus was real when I said the first serious prayer of my life, when I was 11. Since the universe had a head start, I got as far as completing a PhD in Astrophysics at Cardiff University before entering seminary. I was ordained priest in St Dyfrig’s on 5 May 2007 and served there until 2012. I was then parish priest in two Cardiff city parishes, St John Lloyd and St Philip Evans, until I left parish ministry to become a full-time missionary with the Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism in 2018. Archbishop Mark called me back to become Parish Priest over our four pastorate parishes in January 2023. At seminary I discovered I was mildly on the autistic spectrum – my key weaknesses is in reading body language. I do care about how all my parishioners are feeling, but you may need to use words to tell me. Thank you for your understanding and prayers.

Sister Berenice O’Dwyer SSJA

Canon Pat O’Gorman (Retired)

Alan de Ste Croix (in formation for the Permanent Diaconate)

Pastorate Leadership Team

The Pastorate Leadership team is a small group of key volunteers drawn from across the parishes who meet every fortnight to reflect on the pastoral and spiritual needs of our communities. Here we plan events open to all members of the Pastorate, and work out how to share resources and timing of more local events without clashing. We also reflect on the Scriptures for the coming Sunday Masses and this often informs Pastor Gareth’s homilies. Membership is by invitation of Pastor Gareth and is currently:

Joe Biddulph (St Dyfrig’s)

Teresa Bressington (All Hallows)

Christina Canale (the Rhondda Parishes and All Hallows)

Alan & Teresa de Ste Croix (St Dyfrig’s)

Marita Fernandez (All Hallows)

Sr Berenice O’Dwyer (the Rhondda Parishes)

Other Leadership Groups

Canon Law requires every parish to have a Finance Committee (PFC). Diocesan policy is that a PFC must approve all expenditure on projects costing between £2,500 and £9,999 and recommend projects £10,000 and above for approval by the Diocesan Trustees. The Parish Priest and the Gift Aid Co-ordinator are ex officio members of a PFC. In two locations we have Church Management Committees (CMC) which exercise the duties of a PFC but also co-ordinate other practical tasks.

All Hallows CMC: Pastor Gareth (ex officio – Parish Priest) | Tony Yule (ex officio – Gift Aid Co-Ordinator) | Teresa Bressington (stepping down 31 March 2024) | Cheryl Hensley (renewable 1 April 2024) | Theresa Spiller book-keeper (renewable 1 April 2025) | Suzy Stacey (renewable 1 April 2025) | Seamus Harding (renewable 1 April 2025) | Neil Spiller (renewable 1 April 2026) | Peter Herbert (renewable 1 April 2026) | Diane Franks-Herbert secretary (renewable 1 April 2026)

The Rhondda Parishes CMC (Ss Gabriel & Raphael and St Mary Magdalene share a bank account and so have a common committee): Pastor Gareth chair (ex officio – Parish Priest) | Sr Berenice vice-chair (ex officio – Parish Sister) | Suzanne Mainwaring (ex officio – Gift Aid Co-Ordinator) | Paul Pristavec (renewable 1 April 2024) | Paul Laybourn (renewable 1 April 2025) | Katrina Rees secretary (renewable 1 April 2026)

St Dyfrig’s PFC: Pastor Gareth chair (ex officio – Parish Priest) | Roma Fletcher (ex officio – Gift Aid Co-Ordinator) | Jay (Shijan) Peiris (renewable 1 April 2024) | Rajnish (Mario) Paul (renewable 1 April 2025) | Cecilia McGarry secretary (renewable 1 April 2026)

St Dyfrig’s Community Hall Committee: Roy Mayo (chair) | Liz Mayo | Sue Cleary (bookings) | Andy Viney (operations)

St Dyfrig’s Resilience Committee (overseeing implementation of the Resilience Plan for Parish Development): Roy Mayo (chair) | Pastor Gareth (ex officio) | Jay (Shiran) Peiris | Andy Viney