PARISHIONER Lizzy D. Writes:

       Are you ready for a retreat? Joel’s Bar is coming back this Easter at the beautiful Worth Abbey (near Gatwick Airport). This is an incredible conference style retreat for young adults aged 16 to 28 to encounter Jesus in a beautiful and new way. It’s the best way to meet other young Catholics, journeying together through the Holy Spirit for an entire week. This includes the sacraments, Praise and Worship, Prayer ministry, personal prayer, small group discussion, workshops, sports, evenings of entertainment and lots of time to socialise and build community in our Cafe and Bar! 

I first went to Joel’s Bar back in 2016, when I was only 16 years old. I won’t lie when I say that I can’t remember much but I do know that it was a week where I truly began to connect with Our Lord through praise, prayer and ministry. I discovered a love for praying to God through singing and had a new deepening of knowledge of my own Faith. The highlight was making some of my closest Catholic Friends. 

In 2018, I returned during my first year of uni. It was the biggest highlight of my year, a time to connect with God and deepen my faith in a whole new way. I was reminded how omnipotent, omnibenevolent He is and knew that He truly loves each person individually. From this, I began my own personal relationship with Our Lord where I started praying daily with the Bible and the rosary. It taught me to understand trust in God with my future. He taught me “the next step” for the first time, and since I’ve kept turning to God in every big decision. 

Joel’s Bar 2023 will be exactly the same for me and I hope for you all too. Come along to experience an encounter with the Lord, come along to meet other likeminded young Catholics, come along to deepen your understanding of God’s love and plan.