Effective 15/16 July, Masses across the Pastorate of Our Lady of the Valleys will be as follows

Ss Gabriel & Raphael Tonypandy – Saturday 5.30 pm

All Hallows Miskin – Sunday 9.15 am

St Dyfrig’s Treforest – Sunday 11.15 am

St Mary Magdalene Ynyshir – Sunday 4 pm

The current schedule of Mass times will continue up to the weekend of 8/9 July inclusive.

If you will find it practically difficult to attend Mass under these new arrangements, please contact me so we can see if it is possible to arrange a lift to Mass or whether may may need to charter shuttle-bus.

How was this decision reached? In brief, by the following steps.

1. The small size of the building at Ynyshir ruled it out as a Sunday morning venue. A consensus emerged in a meeting with its people that 4 pm on Sunday worked best.

2. Moving St Mary Magdalene made it possible to continue the 9.15 at All Hallows.

3. Both St Dyfrig’s and Ss Gabriel & Raphael have strong Sunday morning Masses with many families. There was no easy way to choose between them. An alternating solution was ruled out as it is very hard to draw new or non-regular people to any Mass which is not at a consistent fixed time. Ultimately, the timesheet survey indicated that the difficulties for people accessing Mass would be shared more equally between the two congregations by choosing Saturday for Tonypandy. This may maximise the number of people who remain in a position to give lifts to each Mass. 

4. The experience of the last few months has shown me that I can give good pastoral care to people after the first Mass, and proper attention to practical set-up for the second Mass, when they are spaced at 2 hours but not at 1 hour 45 minutes. This is why St Dyfrig’s is moved 15 minutes later – timesheets indicated too many people at All Hallows would find 9.00 am difficult to make the move in the other direction.

These arrangements can be reviewed in due course; but any adjustments which affect more than one church would have to be to the mutual advantage of both churches.

I know any change to arrangements is disruptive and painful, but I do ask for your prayers and practical co-operation. These new arrangements will allow parish priest and people to worship together every week and rebuild our congregations from a stable base.

Yours Sincerely

Pastor Gareth Leyshon