10 years ago, the Archdiocese of Cardiff welcomed the Ordinariate liturgy. To celebrate their anniversary, the priests are inviting everyone to a ‘Ordinariate Open Day’.

The ‘Ordinariate Open Day’ will be held on 10th June at St Alban’s Catholic Church in Cardiff, 10am – 4pm, by kind invitation of the Oratory in Formation. It will begin with tea & coffee at 10am, followed by an introductory session ‘What is the Ordinariate – and what is it for?’. The day will also include an Ordinariate Form Mass and some input from Ordinariate members on ‘What brought me here?’. It will show and highlight some ‘resources’ (liturgy, prayer, etc.) and make available some leaflets about them, and they are planning to end the day with Evensong & Benediction. The day is for Diocesan parishioners and parishes to help them understand who we are, what we are for and what our prayer and liturgy look like. It will also allow any enquirers to ‘come and see’, and learn more about us. All welcome!

For any questions, please contact Fr Bernard Sixtus (bernard.sixtus@rcadc.org or 07720272137).