Do you need a certificate to prove that you, or your child, was baptised or received some other sacrament in one of our churches? Under new data protection laws, children gain the right to ask for their own certificate, and parents lose that right, when the child is old enough to understand the issues involved. We assume that a child reaches this maturity around the age of 12 unless evidence to the contrary is provided.
Under GDPR regulations, we can only release personal data to the person it concerns, or to the parent of an immature child, unless you hold a legal document giving you rights over someone else’s personal data. How can we establish that you have a right to a certificate? We can post it to the address written in the sacramental register (the address given at the time the sacrament was celebrated) – or we can provide it to a person who can present photo-ID proving that they have the same name as the person or parent named in the sacramental register. We cannot hand documents to a third party unless we have written authorisation from the person with rights to the data.
Our offices are staffed by volunteers and by part-time staff, so please be patient in waiting for a response.
There is no charge for issuing certificates, but donations are always welcome.