Saturday, 18 March, 10.30 for 11am, Cornerstone, Charles Street, Cardiff. CF10 2GA Speaker: Peggy Healy

To mark the 43rd anniversary of the martyrdom of St Oscar Romero, a number of events will take place across Wales, Scotland and England. There could be few better qualified people than Peggy Healy to speak about St Oscar and the El Salvador martyrs and how they inspire us to respond to the cry of the poor in the world of today.  Peggy has deep and broad experience of community service, of advocacy and policy work on human rights in Latin America and globally. For more than two decades, Peggy worked as a Maryknoll missionary sister in the United States and in Central America, where she was a close colleague and friend of the members of her congregation who were martyred in El Salvador. After working as a specialist paediatric nurse practitioner among poor, marginalised communities in Nicaragua throughout the repression and civil conflicts which raged across Central America, Peggy returned to health work in the South Bronx. Peggy will also be speaking in Birmingham, Canterbury, Glasgow, Leeds, and Liverpool.

Peggy Healy is a graduate of Fordham University’s School of Law, amongst her many achievements Peggy has received awards for her work as a peacemaker in Central America, for her service to survivors and families of those killed in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, and was honoured by President Clinton for her work in human rights. She holds an honorary doctorate in human rights and since 2009 she has served as senior Vice-President for Canada and Latin America of Covenant House International, dedicated to empowering young people to overcome homelessness, trafficking and abuse.

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