Why do Catholics believe that Mary was assumed body-and-soul into heaven? What do we think about the Big Bang theory? (Hint: it was developed by a Belgian Catholic priest!) Is our faith irrational? How should we read the Bible?

Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, you are invited to delve more deeply into the roots of the faith and discover, or remind yourself, why we believe, as Catholics, the truths which we hold dear. Our faith is not irrational, and there are good reasons to believe what we do.  Academic debate can always provide reasons to doubt; this course does not focus on countering the Church’s critics, but on providing the Church’s reasons.

Each talk in this season is offered twice:

  • Saturdays at 8 pm in St Dyfrig’s Presbytery (CF37 1DB)
  • Mondays at 2 pm in the Lady Chapel of All Hallows Church (CF72 8PG)

The speaker for the course is Revd Dr Gareth Leyshon, Director of Adult Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Cardiff, who holds a PhD in Astrophysics and a first class degree in Theology.

6 & 8 May We believe in a God Who Speaks

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. But what does that mean? Did God dictate it? How do we know God speaks in it? How should we approach the Bible? And how can we know Scripture better?

13 & 15 May We believe in the Virgin Mother 

What do we really know about Mary? Why does the Church claim she was conceived without sin and assumed into heaven? Does it matter?

20 & 22 May We believe in the Holy Spirit

Why do we believe in a Spirit distinct from the Father and the Son? Why do we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation? How can we build a relationship with this Holy Spirit?

27 & 29 May We believe in Faith and in Science

Can we believe in the Catholic Faith and trust in science? Aren’t there contradictions if we try to believe in creation or miracles? Can prayer work?

3 & 5 June We believe in the Blessed Sacrament

Why do we claim a wafer is no longer bread, but truly the Body of Christ? Did the early Christians believe this? How has faith in the Blessed Sacrament shaped worship in the Church?

10 & 12 June We believe in the Resurrection of the Body

Why do we believe that Jesus actually rose from the dead? What do we believe will happen to us when we die? How can we know whether a person has gone to heaven?