St Mary Magdalene & Ss Gabriel & Raphael Church Management Committee

The two Rhondda Parishes of Ss Gabriel & Raphael and St Mary Magdalene share a common bank account and therefore require a single Finance Committee. This body, required by Canon Law, advises Pastor Gareth on financial administration. Following new rules issued by the Trustees of Cardiff Archdiocese in October 2023, its consent is required for any project costing more than £2,500 and it must apply to the Trustees for permission for any project above £10,000.
The committee for the Rhondda Parishes not only carries out the narrow financial duties required of any Parish Finance Committee but also look at broader issues of the Health & Safety and management of our buildings. Any queries to do with our finances or fabric should therefore be directed to this committee.
Concerns about pastoral, spiritual and liturgical matters should be directed to the Pastorate Leadership Team through its Rhondda members, Sr Berenice and Christina Canale.

Members of the Rhondda Church Management Committee

  • Pastor Gareth chair (ex officio – Parish Priest)
  • Sr Berenice vice-chair (ex officio – Parish Sister)
  • Suzanne Mainwaring (ex officio – Gift Aid Co-Ordinator)
  • Paul Laybourn (renewable 1 April 2025)
  • Katrina Rees secretary (renewable 1 April 2026)
  • Paul Pristavec (renewable 1 April 2027)

Meeting Minutes

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