Toddler Mass

families including toddlers in church pews in front of an altar

Do you have small children who bawl, run around and generally cause chaos? Do you ever feel self-conscious about attending Mass because you’re worried that other people will feel annoyed at your children’s behaviour? Then Toddler Mass is for you.

Toddler Masses are celebrated at 3.30 pm on Saturday afternoons. That’s late enough that they fulfil the obligation to hear Mass on Sunday (which is fulfilled by attending any kind of Mass) but it’s still Saturday so we don’t have to use all the extras which make Sunday Masses longer. With simple action songs that older children can join in with, and a one minute message you might be able to take in between all the distractions, you’ll be able to get some kind of spiritual input alongside all the pressures of being a parent. The celebration will last 35-40 minutes. If you can stay behind afterwards, there will be squash and biscuits for the children and a chance to share a cuppa with other parents before you leave.

The St Dyfrig’s Toddler Mass is celebrated in the main hall (not the Church) at 3.30 pm on the following dates: 2024 12 Oct, 23 Nov; 2025 25 Jan, 29 March, 14 June.

The St Mary Magdalene Toddler Mass is celebrated at 3.30 pm on the following dates: 2024 19 Oct, 30 Nov; 2025 1 Feb, 5 Apr, 28 June.

Not sure if it’s for you? Why not come and find out?