Sunday 19 November is the “World Day of the Poor”, the seventh of these annual days when Pope Francis challenges us to reflect on how we support the poorest members of our community.

Each year the Pope offers us a new reflection, which you can read here – the theme this year is: “Do not turn your face away from anyone who is poor” (Tobit 4,7).

The Vatican has produced a booklet of deeper reflections which we can take time to ponder.

Caritas Social Action Network, the Catholic agency in England and Wales, offers us a focus reflection for each day from 10 November 2023 in their brochure, which you can see below.

Our treatment of the environment also has massive implications for the poorest in the world around us. Last month Pope Francis issued a new document on climate change: you can read Laudate Deum in fill, or read this summary of the main points from CAFOD.