Pope Francis invites the young people of the world to join him in Lisbon at the start of August 2023 for the next World Youth Day. There’s an official trip going from South Wales and Herefordshire.

Want to know more about it? See this presentation which should answer all your questions and explain exactly how to pay. If you follow the link you will see all the details and developments of the last few weeks.

The trip is running on a first come, first served basis and those who place their deposits first will get spaces on this once in a lifetime experience.

There are currently 40 spaces remaining. If demand is high we will attempt to expand our amount of pilgrims. If there is a problem with funding, please contact local organiser Isaac Harrison and the Archdiocese will support you to attend. No-one should miss out on this opportunity due to monetary issues!

This will be a beautiful experience for all involved. There will be a lot of fundraising that needs to happen to ensure that all are welcome. I ask that if you can help any way at all, please contact me and I will put you in touch with our fundraising co-ordinator.